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What is Hooping?

Hoop History

Health benefits

1. Hooping is a complete core workout. (Cue the killer abs.)
Hooping regularly can help to whittle your waist and strengthen your stomach muscles while blasting fat in these (often problematic) areas. (Studies that show that hooping burns visceral fat- the fat that is the hardest to get off the older you get, and also the most detrimental to heart health.)

2. It's also a full body workout! Recent studies have suggested that hula hooping works as many as 30 of your body's muscles! Moves are not just limited to your core… you can also incorporate your arms and thighs! 3. Hooping will make you feel the (calorie) burn. Hooping has been proven to burn over 400 calories per hour by the American Council on Exercise, even as high as 600 calories per hour when other parts of your body, such as your arms and legs, are engaged. Hooping it up for 8 mins will burn a whopping 50 calories!​ 4. Hooping is good for your heart ♡ It’s an intense workout for your muscles… including one of the most important muscles of all: the heart! You will notice your heart rate go up in minutes! So hooping for just twenty minutes a day can count towards your moderate-vigorous intensity physical activity recommended for improving and maintaining your health. 5. It improves your spine's strength and flexibility. The movements require a significant range of motion for your spine while increased practice can train your spine to a greater range of motions than you are used to, increasing your flexibility and even preventing back injuries. 6. It improves hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Like other sports, it requires hand-eye coordination & challenges your brain as well as your muscles. Hooping in both your natural direction & in reverse (recommended) is a great opportunity for your brain to engage both your dominant & non-dominant sides while guaranteeing your body's balance.​ 7. Hooping helps you de-stress. Hooping focuses your mind on where your body is in space while working underappreciated core muscles that, once activated, are a nice reminder not to stagnate on the couch or at your desk. Add music to the mix, and it’s easy to understand how hooping can be an energizing form of stress relief.​ 8. It improves your mood ツ Hooping gets you animated! It’s hard to stay blasé while twirling around, and probably hard to frown once you get the hang of it! There’s a lot of evidence that hooping, & exercise in general, is a great antidepressant and confidence booster. You can do it anywhere and make it a creative expression with the variety of decorative tapes and colors!​ 9. It can help you blossom! ✿ Hooping is a great way to be social & meet other people, both online and in person! There are “hoop jams” and learning workshops all over the country (even right here in Chattanooga) where different kinds of hoopers of all levels gather together to learn, teach, share, and connect! 10. Straight up, hooping is fun! There are so many benefits to hooping. (It’s healthy for you physically, mentally, & emotionally. It allows you to express yourself in a creative way. It allows you to be social. It’s affordable. You can never stop learning. You can hoop no matter how old you are.) But most importantly, it’s extremely fun & can bring you a lot of happiness!

Hooping Styles


Professionally Crafted Hoops vs. Cheap Toys

Over the last 6 years, we have hand-made somewhere around 10,000 hoops and have maintained a 5 star average satisfaction rating the whole time! We have put in close to 15,000 hours of work so I guess you could call us experts in our craft. We are recognized for our high quality products, outstanding customer service, and extensive selection. With over 200 different tubing colors and sizes and over 100 different decorative tapes to choose from, our shop is one of the most preferred among hoopers around the world!

So why choose us instead of a $5 Walmart hoop?
It's true. Our prices are higher than those at commercial superstores. Here are a few reasons why... and why they're worth it:

  • First and foremost: we are passionate about hoops. We care about hoopers and the hoop community more than anything. We recognize what hoopers want and commit our efforts entirely to them. Commercial superstores mass produce hoops for the sole purpose of supplying a low-cost toy for an easy profit. Our goals and intentions are vastly different! Which brings me to my next point...
  • Our hoops are handmade. From the many spirals and layers of tape down to the metal hardware and components that keep the hoop together, we meticulously design and build every hoop with your satisfaction being our #1 priority.
  • Our hoops are made with the highest quality of materials. Superstore hoops are made by machine with weak, flimsy tubing and are not intended to hold up for a long period of time. Because they’re so lightweight and fragile, these materials can actually make hooping that much harder. Trust us, you’ll notice a huge difference after trying both.
  • You’re one of a kind… and your hoops should be too! Superstores only offer a handful of sizes and most of the time, they’re no good. When it comes to hoop sizing, “one size does not fit all.” We all have different body types, capabilities, and hooping goals, so it makes sense that we all need different lengths and weights for our hoops. Not sure where to start? Contact us and we can help you find your perfect hoop size!
  • Our hoops are made for YOU (if we haven’t emphasized that enough already). We can make them whatever color or style you want. Sparkly and blue? Got it! Shiny and gold? You betcha. What about half sparkly blue and half shiny gold? No problem. If you can dream it, we can make it!
  • Our customer service is like no other! Could you imagine emailing Walmart asking for hoop recommendations? Yeah, neither can we. No matter what, from general hoop advice to more specific questions regarding your order or shipping, you will always be communicating with a real person. No bots or automated messages. Ever.
  • Last but not least, you’ll be supporting a small business. We do this as our livelihood. This is how we afford rent and pay bills. We may be pricer than commercial stores, but you can sleep at night knowing that your purchase from our store made a big difference in someone's life. We live for hoops! It's our passion. Your support means the world to us and we promise that you will not be disappointed!

All About Hoops

Hoop Anatomy

Tubing Material & Sizes

POLYPRO [polypropylene/PP] is a thin, hard, and light-weight plastic, creating a bouncy and responsive hoop that is great for practice and performance! PP is less shock-absorbing than other hoop tubing, thus producing a high reaction speed that allows tricks to be executed quickly. This responsiveness makes PP ideal for intermediate and advanced hoopers! Although polypro is more resilient than a lot of other plastics, it is prone to cracking/shattering in temperatures below 50° F and should be handled carefully, especially when performing moves that exert a lot of force.​ Approximate weight of an average sized bare polypro hoop: 4-6 ounces Natural color: clear/translucent white (cloudy white) but can come in a wide variety of colors and finishes! Other things made out of PP: rope, carpets, thermal underwear, stationary, reusable containers, loudspeakers, automotive parts​ HDPE [high-density polyethylene] is a softer, denser plastic than polypro. This results in a bendier, slower hoop that absorbs shock and gives in to your body's movements, allowing for more control. Because it's not as bouncy/responsive as PP, HDPE makes a great hoop for beginner/intermediate hoopers or for those who prefer on-body or slower movements. Unlike PP, HDPE can tolerate colder temperatures. However because of its pliable nature, it is more likely to kink if bent beyond its limit and may become wobbly and floppy when exposed to hot temperatures.​ Approximate weight of an average sized bare HDPE hoop: 4-6 ounces Natural color: White, but can come in a wide variety of colors! Other things made out of HDPE: plastic bottles, food storage containers, piping, plastic lumber, geomembranes, bottlecaps, boats

The Different Kinds of Hoops

Yes! Just specify what particular size or measurement you want in the comment section during checkout.

Hoop Customizations

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Finding Your Perfect Hoop

Hoop Sizing

You can find our current build time for custom, made-to-order hoops at the bottom of this page. This does not include transit times. Our build time is subject to change depending on order volume and supply & demand.

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