lilly gerstner

Born and raised in southern Minnesota, Lilly Gerstner discovered prop manipulation and the flow arts community in 2015 with her two best friends, what started as a simple pass time turned into something that never ceases to test herself physically, mentally, and creatively everyday. She is committed to pushing the envelope at what is possible with prop manipulation and has a very unconventional way of exploring herself and the space around her, constructing never ending possibilities that create something totally weird, different, and unique. She likes to take a lot of inspiration from multiple different props which leads to an ever evolving style. Along with pursuing new ways to hit herself in the face, the flow arts community has become a very big part of her life; from organizing for CampFire, representing the midwest EVOL Kid Media Regional Team, being apart of the Burning Man fire conclave Northern Fire Dynamic, as well as instructing and performing across the country, she gets such a feeling of fulfillment growing with the community and being able to create an all inclusive space for people to learn, grow, and explore.

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