Hoopy Holiday 2/4/6 Section Travel Hoop

- Tubing: Your choice of 3/4" or 5/8" polypro!
- Diameter: Your choice of anything between 25" and 36" OD (Message me if you want something else!)
- Connections: Polycarb inserts with push-button & rivet for easy disassembling!
- Add colored grip tape or clear 3M grip tape (see Add-Ons to the right!)
- Made with a lot of love! ❤

- Includes tracking via USPS.
- Processing time of 2-9 business days depending on supply & demand. (This does not include shipping time!)

Hoopy Holiday 2/4/6 Section Travel Hoop

Tubing Size
# of Sections

Although sections can be interchangeable, each piece is crafted to fit seamlessly with its adjacent piece. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you connect the individual sections of the hoop together in their original configuration to ensure flush, gapless connections! Please review the 'instructions & guidelines' included with your hoop for details! :)


Please refer to the bottom of the page for the current build time. Due to the influx of orders, this is subject to change depending on supply and demand. 

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee USPS or UPS transit times and cannot offer expedited shipping at this time. USPS has issued the following statement regarding their delivery services: "The 2-3 day delivery window will be extended to 3-4 days." Please visit their website for more information.