Spindsey Juggling Set

These hoops are specially customized for juggling according to Abigail Lindsey's professional recommendations!

I recommend using 27 inch hoops with 5/8ths tubing. Myself and many others in the hoop juggling community have agreed that this size is our favorite. Some pros include the ability to still perform moves like jump thrus, escalators, and other on body moves that you can add into your juggling practice while still having a lightweight hoop that allows you to juggle for longer! The 5/8ths tubing is not only light weight but small enough so that you can fit more hoops in your hand at once without adding strain! Smaller sizes are great for those who are looking to do tricks that involve the ‘buzzsaw’ space! "
- Abigail Lindsey (
@abigailspindsey on Instagram)

All hoops come standard with:

  • 5/8" polypro tubing.
  • A push-button connection (aluminum or plastic), allowing the hoop to easily be coiled down/collapsed for transport & travel.
  • A polycarbonate insert to help maintain circularity and longevity.



  • You choose the color(s)! Hoops do not have to all be the same color.
  • Choose a diameter between 24" OD and 27" OD (per Abigail's recommendation).
  • Your choice of either leaving the hoop bare or for a little extra grip, we can sand the insider perimeter, outside, or both!
  • Your choice of aluminum or plastic hardware (push-buttons & rivets).

Spindsey Juggling Set