Chattanooga, TN

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Born and raised in southeast TN, Sara still resides in Chattanooga, TN. In June of 2015 Sara bought her first hoop at Electric Forest Festival and never looked back. She started hooping thanks to the inspiration from a close friend of hers at the time. Since then she has fallen very much in love with the art of hula hooping and multiple other flow art props.Sara has been constantly inspired by Grace Good, Jaimie Hayes, Amy Hoopsalot, and Taylor Duffrin along her hoop journey. Over the past 2 years Sara's involvement in the flow arts community has grown and she strives to be teaching at some of the flow festivals coming up in 2019. Along with day and LED hooping, Sara has also been fire hooping for 2 years. Sara is also constantly inspired and surprised with the challenges hooping has brought to her her life. It has also helped remind her that there is always time for play and an adult is just always a big kid.

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