First off, thank you so much for showing interest in being sponsored by Hoop Junky!

Our goal is to increase engagement and awareness of hula hooping and the hoop community while providing handcrafted, custom hoops and merchandise to every kind of hooper in every corner of the country. We can't do that without the help of our cherished sponsees! Our sponsees mean A LOT to us, so it's our #1 priority to make sure that the sponsorship benefits YOU just as much as it benefits us. We don't care if you're a beginner or advanced hooper. We don't care if you hoop for fun or for a living. We don't care about how many followers you have. We want folks who encourage others, carry a positive attitude, are active in the hoop community either online or in person, and are genuinely passionate about hula hooping and are loud & proud about it. If you consider yourself a "hoop junky", then this may be the place for you. We know that life does exist outside of hooping, so we try to make our obligations and requirements pretty minimal and as flexible as possible. Aside from free/discounted items, sponsees will also receive a personalized discount code to share and a personalized webpage that features and highlights you and your hoop journey. We also can and will provide whatever resources you may need for your hoop goals (including but not limited to promotions, business cards, select festival tickets, etc.)

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. Questions with a (*) are required for submission!

If you do have further questions regarding responsibilities/duties, benefits/rewards, etc. or if you have any questions regarding the application, please email with SPONSORSHIP in the subject line!


>> Deadline: Sunday, September 30th at midnight EST <<

Part 1 - Basic Info


Performance/Stage Name:





Tell us your hoop story!*

What's your favorite thing about hooping?*

Community Involvement*

What are your hoop goals/aspirations?

Notable experiences, achievements, etc.

What do you enjoy doing other than hooping?

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Any other links:


How often are you on social media?*


How often do you attend hoop jams/festivals?*


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How often do you purchase new hoops?*


Are you currently sponsored by a hoop company?*

If yes, by who?

Have you been sponsored by a hoop company before?*

If yes, by who and when? What ended the sponsorship?

Have you ever purchased from Hoop Junky before?*

Why do you want to be sponsored by Hoop Junky?*

Why should Hoop Junky sponsor you?*

PART 4 - Photos & Videos

Although this section is not mandatory, we do encourage that you make a video specifically for this sponsorship.
You may provide links to Instagram/Facebook/Youtube/etc.

Hoop videos/photos of yourself: 

Video tips:
- 1 to 2 minutes long (Does not have to be professional quality or edited.)
- Introduce yourself! Showcase your personality, your favorite music to hoop to, your favorite place to hoop, your favorite hoop, etc.
- Be yourself!

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Current build time:
1-2 weeks (M-F)

Please allow at least 24 hours for response (M-F). 

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