First off, thank you so much for showing interest in being a part of the new Hoop Junky Street Team!

We've been floating around this idea for quite some time now, so we are very excited to finally make this concept a reality! 
The street team is a bit different from our sponsorship program. Rather than focusing on promoting Hoop Junky itself, our main focus will be promoting hula hooping to the general public around the Chattanooga area! You do not have to live in Chattanooga to partake, however you must live within a reasonable driving distance, as the street team revolves more around in-person activities rather than online.

The street team will help organize, promote, and participate in events and activities around town including but not limited to:
- Hoop jams
- Workshops & Classes (local & out of town instructors)
- Vending at local events/the market
- Hula hoop contests around the park/walking bridge/Station St/etc.
- Busking/Casual performances around town
- Parades
- Gift card scavenger hunts

Street team members will receive perks and special discounts from Hoop Junky of course!

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. Questions with a (*) are required for submission!

If you do have further questions regarding responsibilities/duties, benefits/rewards, etc. or if you have any questions regarding the application, please email with STREET TEAM in the subject line!


>> Deadline: Wednesday, September 26th at midnight EST <<

Part 1 - Basic Info






Tell us your hoop story!*

What's your favorite thing about hooping?*

Community Involvement*

What are your hoop goals/aspirations?

Notable experiences, achievements, etc.

What do you enjoy doing other than hooping?


How often do you attend local events? Which events?*

How often do you attend hoop/flow related events? (jams, workshops, etc.)*

Do you have any experience in organizing, promoting, or working events?*

Do you have any experience performing/busking?*

Are you currently sponsored by a hoop company?*

If yes, by who?

Have you ever purchased from Hoop Junky before?*

Why do you want to join the Hoop Junky Street Team?*

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Current build time:
1-2 weeks (M-F)

Please allow at least 24 hours for response (M-F). 

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