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Memphis, TN

Hi! I’m Ellen, aka Hoop Rebel. Originally from Memphis, TN, I attended film school in Chicago, then moved out to LA to pursue a career in Film and TV. What I found instead was a hula hoop company called Hoopnotica- a dream come true for a hoop junky like myself. I worked as their video and photo content creator, responsible for many of their YouTube videos and product photos. I moved back home to Memphis in 2013, but I never stopped hooping! Pre-Covid, I spent my weekends performing with my local troupe QCG Productions and had the privilege to travel to Cleveland to perform at a Burlesque festival in early March 2020. Since the quarantine, I’ve enjoyed using my video skills to create funny, relatable videos for this amazing community! I’m so grateful to have a home with my fellow Tennessean, Jaimie, and the fabulous Hoop Junky family! Xoxo

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