I'm new to hooping. What kind of hoop should I get? 

First off, welcome to hooping! I highly recommend starting off with either 3/4" polypro or 3/4" HDPE with a diameter ranging from 33" to 36" OD. The heavier the hoop, the easier it is to keep it up and maintain control. You will often find people suggesting PE tubing (irrigation tubing) with a diameter about the length from the ground to your belly button. Although this is not a bad suggestion, keep in mind that it may cause bruising and because it's a bit heavier, it may limit your ability to do certain tricks, particularly off-body tricks. I also suggest adding some kind of grip to your hoop whether it be sanding, grip tape, or hoop wax. This will make the hoop less slick and much easier to hold onto. 

 I just got my hoop! Now what? 

You can find the 'Instructions & Guidelines' for your hoop(s) HERE!
If you have any further questions or concerns, please check out the Hoop Care section below or contact me!

 How are hoops measured? 

We measure the outer diameter in inches. Click here for more info!

 What are the different types of tubing? 

 What is protective tape & do I really need it? 

Protective tape is a clear layer of tape that goes over your decorative tape. It helps protect your hoop from normal wear and tear & prevents scratches, scuffs, and tape unraveling. Protective tape definitely helps your hoop live a longer life, especially if you hoop on concrete, brick, or any other hard rough surface. I recommend it if you want your hoop to stay pretty for longer! (Definitely a yes for performance hoops!)

 What size do you recommend for mini hoops? 

I recommend 5/8", 11/16" or 3/4" polypro or HDPE with a diameter ranging between 22" OD and 24" OD. I know, that's not very specific but it really does come down to one's personal preference. The lighter the hoop, the less control you will have. That includes 1/2" tubing and minis smaller than 22" OD. I personally enjoy 5/8" because I can hold 2 hoops in 1 hand with ease. If you want to do more contact rolls, 3/4" may be better for more surface area. Different size minis allow both different opportunities and different obstacles. Honestly, you probably won't know what works best/what you like until you just go for it! I hoop with 24" OD minis with 5/8" polypro. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!

 What size do you recommend for on-body multi-hooping/circus style hooping? 

I'm actually going to let the amazing circus style multi-hooper Grace Good answer this one. "You really don't want anything smaller than 33" OD. I prefer 35". It definitely works best for when you're hooping with 4 or more. I also recommend 3/4" tubing. It's less wonky and gives you more control." CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!

 What size do you recommend for quad hoop tech? 

My go-to quads are 24" OD with 5/8" polypro. I like the 5/8" because I can fit 2 hoops in 1 hand easily. Quad hooping can also be quite the workout if you're not used to it, so 11/16" or 3/4" may seem really heavy at first. I like the 24" because it's small enough to where I can do patterns and overlapping in front of me, but big enough to initiate and maintain momentum when doing 2 hoop 1 arm spinning. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!


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