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Emma Hörnell


Emma has a creative and technical approach to hooping and at the same time as she love researching, playing and looking for new material she’s also a big fan of drilling it over and over again until it’s solid. This is a very valuable combination which has led her to where she is today. If she had to describe her style she'd call it experimental hoop juggling.

Emma took an unusual path into the circus world, she discovered her love for hula hoops at age 20 while traveling and working in New Zealand. When returning to Europe she continued her journey by attending the 3rd year, focusing on individual artistic research, at Flic Scuola di Circo in Italy. The year after she took part in FAAAC (Formation Alternative et Autogérée aux Arts du Cirque), a self organized juggling formation in France. She has also trained under Yuri Pozdnyakov in Kiev, Ukraine.

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