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Buffalo, NY

Hello! My name's Kalie! I'm obsessed with being outside, hiking, camping and looking for waterfalls. I enjoy adventuring and finding beautiful places, I have a hard time sitting still and I'm a Registered Nurse. I've worked in health care my whole life and it's a true passion of mine. I love being able to help people through rough spots in their own lives and I want to take my nursing degree a little farther and increase my knowledge on holistic medicine, reiki and plants! I've been hooping for a little over 2 years now and my hoop journey began when I was in a weird spot in my life. I was in the midst of my nursing school journey, I was stressed, I was dissatisfied with how I looked and felt about myself and was itching to try something new and exciting to add some extra spice into my life. One day, while I was taking a study break, I came across people hooping on my IG feed, so down the rabbit hole I went. Video after video of people looking so happy and full of life dancing with their circles, I was hooked! I wanted that, I wanted to feel as happy as all those people looked, so I went out on a limb, stumbled across Hoop Junky, bought my first hoop and the rest is history! My hoop journey took off and I enjoyed every second of it! Hooping helped me stay focused, helped me de-stress, especially when I was studying, and helped me develop confidence in myself and my body. Now, 2 years later, I'm happier than I was before, I gained this new confidence in myself that I never thought I'd have and I graduated with my RN degree. I'm so happy I came across Hoop Junky because, and I know this sounds cheesy af, but I don't think I would be where I am today if I didn't buy that hoop. I'm so happy to now be apart of the Hoop Junky team, it's a big dream come true!

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