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FLAME 2017! 🔥

So we are super excited to announce a few things regarding FLAME Festival 2017!

Firstly, Hoop Junky will be vending it's first festival! We will be making custom bare hoops on site and providing hoop repairs for non-LEDs! We will also have lots of readymade hoops and hoop sets as well as stickers, magnets, pins, and hats for sale! Everyone who purchases at the booth will also receive some kind of discount from our prize wheel. If you would like to order a hoop before the festival to pick up at the booth, you can use the code FLAME for free shipping! We will also be linking up with sponsee Kassandra Morrison with her company Modek Designs in the vending yard! She offers a variety of things for prop enthusiasts including custom embroidery, prop bags, t-shirts & hoodies, hats and more! She will be doing on site custom embroidery too. Check out the Etsy store here!

I am also super stoked to announce a few instructors and workshops that will be taking place! I will be teaching 3 multi-hoop tech classes! Click below for videos and workshop descriptions. - 2 Hoops Are Better Than 1 - Not 1, Not 2, but 3 Hoops - 4 Hoop/Quad Hoop Tech Sponsee Javier Dieguez will also be teaching 3 poi workshops!

Click below for videos and workshop descriptions. - Isolations with Poi - Poi Kick-Ups - Getting Head (A Contact Poi Workshop) Lastly, sponsee Grace Good will be teaching a few hoops classes as well. Check it out! - Circus Style Single Hoop Techniques - Intro to Multi-Hooping - Advanced Circus Multi-Hooping Techniques - Escalator Madness 2.0 Hope to see you guys there! Click here for the official FLAME Festival 2017 Event Page!


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