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SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITY! :D But considering the supersaturation of sponsorships out there right now, please hear me out and allow me to elaborate. It's not just "promote our shop and earn points toward a free hoop" kind of thing. First, please actually check out the shop and see if it's a small business that you're willing to support. Secondly, yes, we will provide you with new hoops and fun stickers to give out but we will also help promote you as a performing artist.... from business cards, to performers insurance and teaching certifications, to booking and organizing gigs in your area. Please consider this opportunity to help yourself and our small business (and No, you don't have to make a whole new submission-contest-like video. You can submit your favorite flow sesh from your backyard, living room or whatever!) Much love and happy hooping!


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Please allow at least 24 hours for response (M-F). 

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