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Our new space!

So in the middle of February, I decided to take a little bit of a risk and a leap of faith... by signing the lease on a new space for Hoop Junky's store and workshop. My shop has always been operated from home in my apartment... my boyfriend even let me transform the master bedroom into my workspace! The idea of conveniently working at home sounded like a dream but I was horribly mistaken assuming that. Honestly, I was starting to burn out. Working wasn't enjoyable anymore. I slept in the room next to all my tools and tubing. The room had no windows, so I had no idea if it was light or dark outside. (Plus being deprived of sunlight is not very healthy.) I spent almost every hour of every day in that dark room working, sometimes going weeks without leaving or socializing. I was always busy trying to find and organize things because although it was my "workshop", I still had a lot of other items from my home and personal life scattered everywhere. At one point I ran out of space in there and started storing hoops and tubing coils in the hallway, the living room, and sometimes even in the kitchen or guest bathroom. It was getting out of hand and the stress of not being able to escape... to separate my living and work space... really started affecting my mental and emotional health to the point where I would stay up for 36+ hours straight, not eat anything/eat too much, and not shower for weeks. I was having anxiety attacks multiple times a day/night (I never kept up with what time of day it was.) The mental stress also wore my body out physically. I was just in really bad shape and something needed to change.

I have only been at this new space for a couple of weeks now and I can honestly say that I haven't been this happy in years! I feel inspired, energetic, relieved and at peace. I can already tell a huge difference in my attitude, confidence, efficiency, physical well-being, and state of mind. Everything is organized without any unnecessary clutter or distractions from home. Projects that were taking me months to do I have now finished in just a few days. I'm not behind on orders (not ahead either) but right where I need to be. I can keep work things at work, then go home to enjoy my time in my beautiful home with my loving boyfriend and fur babies... something I have never been able to do. I wake up excited to go to work. Moving here has reminded me why I love my job. It's basically like a new chapter for me and for Hoop Junky as well. Thank you all for supporting me and my small business, especially during these last few months. I can't wait to see what happens from here!

Now for the fun stuff: a little tour of the new Hoop Junky Headquarters!! If you’re ever in Chattanooga, please come by and say hey!

Survived my first Open Studio Night! Mark your calendars for the first Friday of every month and come on out to the Chattanooga workspace downtown! There are dozens of studios to check out... we have painters, sculptors, wood torching, musicians, chefs, massage therapists, tattoo artists, architects, and so much more! The event (and the wine) are free!

I have to show off my tape wall and cute little lounge chairs!

Looks at this adorable hooper sculpture by Human Decor!

No hoop shop would be complete without some hoop art! I still have a lot of wall space if anyone would like to contribute/trade/sell me something! (Hooping Pokemon wood burning piece by Charmanda Burns) (Skull & giraffe dictionary prints by reBookART) (Hooping bunny stickers by Jenn Handmade) (Sky Hooper decal by Growing Tree Gallery) ("Hoop There it is" gold foil print by Lucky Dog Mail Club) (Crocheted hoop mandala by Katie's Crochet) (Pour painting by my mom ♡)

Tape, tape, and more tape!

Yeah... I had to snag this velvet deer head while I was out exploring Boulder, CO! (Bliss Boulder)

Every hoopsmith should have these measurements somewhere... preferably in a blue rhinestone frame.

So clean and organized!

Last but not least... a huge collage gallery of all the hoop junkies!! Love each and every one of you so much. Thank you again for your love and support over the years!! ♡♡♡