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HOOP TECH: Pendulum vs. Triquetra

Pendulum vs. triquetra is a hybrid pattern (combining 2 patterns simultaneously). One hand is doing a 3 petal anti-spin flower, also known as a triquetra (shown below). (Learn more about anti-spins & in-spins here!) This is hand is slightly in front of the other hand.

The other hand is doing a pendulum and is slightly behind your triquetra hand. A pendulum is when your hand/hoop is traveling along an axis or curve. Your hand and hoop both stay static... meaning you never switch grips or rotate the hoop. For this particular move, you can either follow a triangular or oval path. It's really a preference thing; either way, the move will look about the same! Be sure that your palm is facing down throughout the pattern.

TIPS FOR THIS MOVE: - Keep your wrists close together. This makes the aesthetic of the pattern! - You can exaggerate the pendulum to create a more "swinging" effect. - Learn both ways, going left and right with both hands! Switch it up. It looks cool! :)