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Puppy's Choice!

I don't care how 'cheesy' this may be or how silly it may sound... but a lot of people want to help support doggies and kitties but don't know how or where to. A lot of people don't get to see where their donation goes... or who it helps. Although this does partially help my hoop business, HALF of it will help a fur baby directly and you get to see who you helped save. Many cats and dogs up for adoption often get ignored or undervalued due to some illness or infection that can easily be fixed. However, the money needed for these medications and operations doesn't grow on trees. These shelters, rescue groups and precious creatures have to rely on our financial support for a second chance. 50% of your order will be donated to some poor fur baby in need! A picture and description of who you helped save will also be included of course :) Help save a life and make a difference... help these pups & kitkats get adopted! You choose the size, and Mary Jane my beautiful mutt pup will choose the tape. She promises to make it super pretty! (and there will be a hidden paw print somewhere on your hoop <3 )