Adjustable Hoop Size Piece (ADD-ON)

This is an ADD-ON listing for a current hoop order!

Can't decide what size you want? Do you like to switch it up but don't really want to carry multiple hoops around? This multi-size adjustable hoop piece is perfect for you then!

These pieces work like a sectional hoop and include a polycarb insert and push-button connection. When you want to use the larger diameter hoop, simply connect this piece to your hoop and ta-da!

STEP 1: Order your hoop like you normally would. 
STEP 2: Come back to this page and decide what size you'd like to be able to convert your hoop to!
Want more than 2 sizes out of your hoop? No problem! Just add the appropriate quantity and sizes to your cart and we'll make it happen :)

Here are the lengths of the segments depending on how much larger you'd like to make your hoop. For example, if you have a 27" hoop (like shown in the picture) and get a adjustable segment to make a 32" hoop, the piece will be about 15.8" long.

± 2" = 6.3"
± 3" = 9.4"
± 4" = 12.6"
± 5" = 15.8"
± 6" = 18.8"
± 7" = 22"
± 8" = 25.1"
± 9" = 28.6"
± 10" = 31.4"

Adjustable Hoop Size Piece (ADD-ON)

I'd like to convert my hoop to a...


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