Hoopmaker’s Choice: Bare Hoop

You pick the size, we pick the colors!

All hoops come standard with:

  • A push-button connection, allowing the hoop to easily be coiled down/collapsed for transport & travel. 



  • You choose the tubing! Select from polypro (3/4", 11/16", 5/8") or HDPE (3/4", 5/8")
  • You choose the diameter! If you would like something outside of the 25" - 36" range, please don't hesitate to contact us. (We measure the outer diameter in inches unless specified otherwise.) 
  • Add-ons like grip tape, 3M tape, sparkle tape and travel hoop upgrades can be found in the Add-On section of the shop.

Hoopmaker’s Choice: Bare Hoop

Tubing Size & Material